The Tipping Point of Sponsorships

Journalist and author Malcolm Gladwell defines the tipping point as “the moment of CRITICAL MASS, the THRESHOLD, the BOILING POINT”.

I believe that 2022 was the tipping point for many organizations’ corporate sponsorship programs. Here’s why:

  • The CRITICAL MASS was the preponderance of evidence that sponsorships – a.k.a. partnerships – between associations and companies can result in win-win-win relationships for associations, their members, and partner companies.
  • The THRESHOLD was the number of associations realizing that now is the time to move from transactional sponsorships to transformational partnerships.
  • The BOILING POINT was the awareness that revenue growth is critical for associations to thrive, and corporate partnerships are a great opportunity for new revenue (and member value).

Association sponsorship programs that have reached the tipping point could be well-positioned for big advancements.